Frequently Asked Questions

What is your approval process like? +

Our approval process is mostly proprietary, so unfortunately we do not reveal it all.

We look for a few key things (as shown on the home page). However, if all of these element are not part of your application, this does not mean you will be disqualified.  We take all factors into consideration.

I installed your badge. How can I tell if my conversions have increased? +

Our badge should increase your conversions. However, we always recommend testing.

It can be difficult to determine if something is helping conversions, unless you have accurate data on your past conversion rate.   That is why we recommend collecting this data by using a click tracker or a conversion optimization software (such as VWO).  Conversion rate is the amount of sales you achieve per visitor. For example, a 1% conversion rate is 1 sale out of 100 visitors.

The ideal situation would be to run a split test: one version of your site with our badge, and one without.  You would run this for a period of time.  If the conversion rate with the badge is higher (and it offsets our monthly subscription fee) then having the badge on your site is a complete no-brainer.

I have moved my website. Can I use your badge on the new domain? +

Yes, you can do this - absolutely. Just contact us and we'll examine the new site and if its approved we'll send you the code for the new site.

Where will the badge show on my website? +

You have a few options - it can be shown in all corners or in a static/embedded place within the content. We recommend putting it in the fixed position at the lower right corner of your website.  It also works well when placed on order forms (near where a customer enters their credit card information).

I saw someone using your badge, but when clicked it did not work. +

Likely they have stolen the image of the badge to try to increase trust on their website. Please report it to us and we'll have them remove it.

Can I edit the content of the certificate? +

No you can not.  However, if you need to change a phone number or address, we can modify this information for you.   Also, if you have moved to a new domain please notify us and we can update your account.

What is a conversion? +

A conversion is any measurable action that a website has.   It can be a lead, a sale, or even user engagement. It can all be tested with a tool like Visual Website Optimizer.  When a site is more trusted, conversions almost always increase.

How can I cancel my subscription? +

Please contact us and we'll remove you as soon as we receive your request. Billing will be canceled immediately.

If you have any more questions, please contact us.

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